Brand story or how we started

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Brand story or how we started

Our brand story started with my ability to create, inability to relax. 

I have been always creative person as we all are in post-USSR countries. We studied creative arts at school and had 90 minutes allowance for those lessons every week, we knitting, sewing and crocheting at home almost consistently.

And I wasn't an exception from it. Since 15 years old I have been redesigning and sewing my own clothes using basic clothes patterns from well-known sewing magazine "BurdaModern". 

My ever hat I did when I was 16 from cardboard and my mother's old wedding veil. And for me back then it has WoW effect, of course. Then I completed school, enrolled to my vocational school and had limited time to do anything till I moved to United Kingdom.

In UK to do some creative work was impossible for the first few years - you has to work hard to get paid along with learning English but still I had managed to continue knitting a bit.

After a few years in UK I found myself stuck at not doing anything creative and started to look for online millinery lessons. I have watched few lessons on YouTube, bought basic sinamay fascinator baces, crinoline, Swarovski Crystal's and started create. 

Few days later I have made about five fascinators and put them for sale on eBay. They have beed sold within two - three hours completely and received many compliments from buyers.

Inspired by that I started make them more and more. Year later I started to look for a course to learn how to make a proper millinery.